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A couple of years ago, I started taking pictures out of the hotel windows, where I stayed during my travels. Thanks to my employer, Swiss daily newspaper BLICK, I have come around in the world quite a bit and hence collected a decent amount of different window pictures, which I added up this "Room with a View" series. I always use the same 20 mm lens and I point the camera straight out of the window, no matter wheather I capture a brick wall or a beautiful landscape. Here are the most recent pictures.
RWAV Helsiniki 2022RWAV Salzburg 2022RWAV Bern 2022RWAV Grenoble 2022RWAV London 2022RWAV London 2022RWAV Salzburg 2022RWAV Fribourg 2022RWAV Paris 2022RWAV Biel 2022RWAW Kranjska Gora 2022RWAW Wuppertal 2022RWAW Moenchengladbach 2022RWAW Kitzbuehel 2022RWAW Adelboden 2022RWAW Bormio 2021RWAW Kolfuschg 2021RWAW Wolkenstein 2021RWAW Wolkenstein 2021RWAV Lake Louise 2021